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What We Do

Concierge Transition Team empowers you and your staff to make a successful transition to a fee-based, concierge practice.  We don’t take a piece of the action.  We don’t require you to stay with us for years.  We get in, do an analysis with you and then work intensively (and affordably) for a few months to get you over the hump.  We call in trusted resources as needed to address specific issues.  Then we make sure you and your staff are totally empowered and then you are on your own!  (well, of course we are available if you need more attention.)


First, we have an initial phone call with the primary partner/doctor to understand you and your practice and see if we are a good fit.  This is no charge, of course.


If it makes sense after the first call, we do a quick (usually about two weeks) analysis and recommendation summary for you—get a breakdown of what makes sense for your practice and get our high-level recommendations.  You’ll never get this broad picture of the situation from your accountant, lawyer or practice consultant.  We’ve got a handle on the big picture and the drill-down details.  This report costs $3750.

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And then, after we deliver the analysis, if you want to work with us, we will lay out a plan for consulting with you, assisting you with all of the marketing and implementation details involved in moving to concierge medicine, including:

  • Rollout plan/schedule
  • Training and implementation with your staff
  • Coordinating with your attorney and accountant
  • Pricing/payment offerings
  • Package of services offered to concierge patients
  • Working to convert as much of your existing patient panel as possible to fee-base.
  • Outreach and marketing to new patients in your market, including website, email, print advertising, welcome packet, event planning/scripting
  • Much more!

Your consulting package will depend on a number of factors, including the lead time we have, your own staff capabilities and existing branding and marketing materials.  Most practices should budget between $35,000 and $75,000 for a four-month engagement.

Our business model is straightforward consulting:  keep your own brand, your own patients, your own revenue.  We will help you through this bumpy road and you’ll be on to smooth sailing.




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