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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with you?Handshake With Doctor

Concierge Transition Team offers targeted, specific services for your practice and then leaves you to reap the benefits.  We don’t take a percentage of your revenue stream.

Besides our attractive business model, we think you will actually like us.  We are personable, dynamic and love to roll our sleeves up and get the work done with you and your staff.  You’ll get a sense of our style when you have the first call.

Have you done this before?

Yes.  The Concierge Transition Team started because Deborah has done it before (check out http://www.sarasotacenter.com) so successfully.

What kind of marketing do I need to do to switch to concierge?

It depends!  Generally, we have a multi-pronged approach we suggest, including web marketing, in-person events and education, direct mail, print advertising, video and community involvement.  Some of it depends on YOU and what you are comfortable with, some of it depends on the patients you want to attract and the community you are in.  Oh and your budget, too.

What if I’ve already made the switch to concierge medicine and it isn’t going very well?

Don’t abandon ship!  Let us look at your practice and materials and see if we can make it work.  We’ve seen half-hearted attempts that fail and then confuse the heck out of the patients.


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